In a mudslinging field, all blind attack and no position clarity

The Race Intensifies

Toomey’s campaign wasted little time in blanketing Pennsylvania with Sestak attack ads after Sestak’s primary win, accusing Sestak of voting ‘wrong’ on issues of healthcare and the bailout. Meanwhile, Sestak has rearranged his attack machine away from the defeated Specter and has started gunning for Toomey with the same devious tactics.

Attack Ad Bombardment

With his campaign coffers over double of what Sestak has, Toomey has been able to broadcast six different ads in the time Sestak took to buy one. Sestak’s campaign also appears to be advertising where unnecessary, namely in the Philadelphia area, which is more than likely to vote Democratic even without prodding. The difference of high single-digit points in favor of Toomey now, compared to numbers dating back to June, may well be the result of the numerous attack ads.

The race between Pat Toomey (R) and Joe Sestak (D) is a close one, however the macro politics of this election have played heavily into Toomey’s favor and given him a slight lead over Sestak. This race is bound to be a race plagued with negative attack ads and dubious claims slung by both candidates. Already both men have set their dogs on each other by way of their dirty attack ads.

Sestak released a stunningly questionable ad against Tommey in an attempt to paint him “Mr. Wall Street“. Sestak has followed up his attack ad’s with a full website campaign with the Domain name ““. In this anti-incumbent, anti-Democrat election year, Sestak’s positioning of Toomey as pro Wall Street may not square with voters’ perceived hypocrisy of Sestak supporting the bank bailout bill and Toomey voting against it.

Toomey, not one to miss out on the misleading mudslinging, counters accusing Sestak of being a huge spender. Apparently Toomey’s campaign is using “Photoshop” tactics to mislead voters; dates in the commercial are modified to make Joe appear to have said something before he actually did. At this rate, expect the next Toomey attack ad to decry the Republican candidate for his Rhode Island, not Pennsylvania, origins.

The Military

Both Toomey and Sestak have always been strong supporters of the troops, however as we previously wrote Sestak was an Admiral and served for over 30 years, whereas Toomey has no record of military service. If the race comes down to rallying the Tea Party and conservatives in PA expect Toomey to bring up Joe’s outstanding support for repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

Health Care

The national debate over healthcare has left a blistering wound in Sestak’s campaign. As the Democrats struggle to explain the benefits of the bill, the fact that Sestak voted in favor of HR 3962 is bound to disappoint and turn away voters. Toomey voted in solidarity with his party against the bill and has hammered Sestak with attack ads. Toomey is convinced that everyone should buy their own health care for now, and that the plan that was put together is too complex and too expensive for us to handle right now. Toomey’s no plan option may backfire on him eventually, but for now with an electorate so fired up its bound to gain him more supporters and certainly serves as a main reason for his current lead.

*Eric Morel’s Opinion Alert*: I have to question a tea party conservative, painting himself as a family values patriot, when he uses, in his own attack ads, family-value conservatives’ most-hated music artist, Eminem.

Next Week

That wraps up our initial breakdown of the US Pennsylvania Senate Race, join us next time when we tackle the gubernatorial race.

– K.M. (with randomness from K.R.)


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