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The Issue

What is the number one topic on every candidates’ campaign site? Jobs, and how they are going to created.  The latest data on unemployment from the census bureau state that the unemployment rate is 9.2% in Pennsylvania (Sept. 2010). Obviously, creating jobs is a pressing issue for Pennsylvanians.   Penn. comes in right below the United States as a whole at 9.5%. However states like North Dakota, Nebraska, and New Hampshire’s rates are in the range of 3 – 5 %. The candidates are trying to get the peoples attention with some different methods and strategies on how we can increase the number of jobs.


Patrick Toomey (Senate Candidate) is stressing how this issue is affecting families.  He says “All across the Commonwealth, hard-working Pennsylvanians are struggling to make ends meet and provide for their families.” (Campaign site). Once you click into his site the first words are in big white letters “More Jobs, Less Government.” His course of action is to make it easier on businesses by decreasing taxes and regulations. His more direct course of action; unknown.

Tom Corbett (Governor Senator) is taking a different approach. His advertisement stresses that their are no new jobs being created here, which is sending college graduates elsewhere, tearing families apart. He says the reason why this is happen is because Pennsylvania has taxes that may ward companies to go elsewhere.   He has a plan in the works called the “5-part economic development plan.”

Mike Kelly (House Candidate) is a small business owner. For his platform, he thinks that a small business owner is obviously the best person to create jobs and can do so just by using “common sense” to fandango congress into decreasing taxes and opposing bail outs. Its an interesting way to go, but it is difficult to believe that just because he is a business man he can just pull jobs out of the air.


John Sestak (Senate Candidate) is relying on his voting record of being for the stimulus package, small business fairness regulations, and credit stability do the talking for him. Unlike Sestak, Dan Oronato (Governor Candidate) has a clear plan with examples of how exactly he is going to turn things around. He claims to be the reason Pittsburgh isn’t in the toilet like Philadelphia, and you cannot argue with numbers. Phillie’s rate is above 12%! And it is not even the highest county in the state. Cameron County, a small plot in the northern center of the state has an unemployment rate of 15% and it has come down drastically since 2009. Pittsburgh and most of the other countys’ UE rates weigh in in the 7 and 8 range.  Oronato has been involved  in Pittsburgh government since 1991 until present. He directly helped control  spending and prevented unnecessary spending.  With this experience, he hopes to turn all of PA around and put that money towards creating jobs.

Paul Kanjorski (House Candidate) has a similar approach as Sestak, but does not rely on it alone. He has a record of voting for higher minimum wage and other aides to ensure that working people will receive benefits. He stands for the American and has some ideas about how we can keep business in our country instead of overseas.

Patrick Murphy (House Candidate) along with some others are pushing for not only jobs to be created but “green jobs.” To Murphy, these are “the jobs of the future.” With the direction of technology and green notion, this movement has a potential of getting many on the bandwagon, especially if this technology in the future will decrease prices of energy for many. The only problem with Murphy’s pitch is that it is missing from his campaign site.

– K.M.


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