2008 = 2010?

The race is tightening up between republicans and democrats across the board. In Pennsylvania, Sestak is catching back up to Toomey, so much so, the race is now a “toss up”. As of today, Toomey is only ahead by 2.8% where only a month earlier, he was ahead by 7%. This could be a sign that Democrats are keeping the house. Where should we place our bets?
In the 2008 election, the state appeared to be painted red however the most populous places, Pittsburg and Philadelphia were both blue, blowing McCain out of the water. If the Republican Party wants to win Pennsylvania, they will have to focus on getting votes in the districts that were close in 2008. These districts are located right outside of the cities limits. Last election, the limits surrounding Pittsburg went red and the districts surrounding Philadelphia went blue. Only two districts voted blue that were in a dead heat Cambria and Carbon. Cambria was split forty nine percent Obama, forty nine percent McCain. Obama only won by 456 votes out of 65,000 total for the district.http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/results/county/#PAP00map. Cambria is up in the air for the 2010 election, if the Republican candidate pays attention to it and put some money into it he could take it back. Carbon, on the other hand is on the blue side of the state but was similar to Cambria having Obama pull it out with only 507 votes. McCain was able to latch on to Mercer, Beaver, Greene, and Fayette but just barely.
Depending on where the candidates choose to spend their time and money for these last few weeks. According to the polls, these voters are just as split as they were in 2008. Both Sestak and Toomey recently raised around 3 million dollars making this competition pretty interesting. http://www.pa2010.com/category/senate/. Also depending on the debates from two days ago and today may sway the districts either way regardless of spending. Can Sestak come from behind or is Toomey going to hold on until the end? Pennsylvania was a state in the 2008 election that could go either way and that hasn’t changed for 2010.


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