At the Home Plate

With the election culminating tonight, and having followed and studied the 2010 Pennsylvania races, we have our predictions. Regardless of statistical figures and polls, we have here our personal predilections on the election results.


For senate, I expect Toomey to win due to his long-held lead and the prevailing anti-Democratic opinion for 2010.


I believe that Patrick Toomey will win because he is a solid Republican candidate (according to his voting record) at a time when Republicans are fighting to cling to as much as they can, especially senate seats. He has been doing relatively well in the polls throughout the whole campaign where Sestak has been inconsistent. I also believe Sestak has too many skeletons in his closet and is not the lesser of two evils. Regardless of Sestak’s last push to make it back into the race, he will come up short.

The Governor’s race (no surprise here) will also go Republican because Corbett has been five steps ahead of Onorato the entire time. According to Pennsylvania’s history as well, the cards are not in Onorato’s favor. As for the key senate races, Pennsylvania will continue to be a purple state. I think that the Republican will pick up two but not much change.

Eric Morel:

Readers of this blog will no doubt have detected my not so subtle disdain for the Republican Party in this years election. With that in mind I present my predictions of the election not my optimistic hopes.

Governor’s Race: This is clearly going to be a Republican victory. Tom Corbett has this in his pocket, unless the Marcellus Shale issue factors more strongly in voters minds than anticpated.

Predicted Result: Tom Corbett for Governor.

Senate Race: It may seem like a long shot, but with the tightening polls, the media blitz spending, and the fact that this same state went for Obama in 2008, I feel strongly that Joe Sestak can triumph over his far more conservative and radically right opponent.

Predicted Result: Joe Sestak for Senate


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